Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Top 15 Great Value Gifts To Buy

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Top Fifteen!

Okay, so if you are reading this you are most probably looking for inspiration on what to buy your dad for father’s day.

It probably won’t be much of a surprise for you to hear, but you people spend much more money on mother’s day than you do on father’s day, well collectively speaking anyway (and most probably YOU too!). We can only speculate on why that is, for now though, instead trying to persuade you to spend more money to redress the balance, I’m just going to give you some gift ideas that won’t cost the earth, but at the same time will demonstrate you’ve put just a little bit of thought into this year’s father’s day.

Now I suppose you could just buy your dad some gift vouchers from some nondescript high street shop, or you could even buy him some socks, maybe even a new tie, but c’mon people, I think we can do a little bit better than that this year!

So without further ado, here are my top gift ideas for father’s day.

Personalised Socks £13.99

It's soul good!

Erm, yeah, you know I was just saying that socks are boring, and you can do a lot better than that…well… don’t listen to me, because there are some great socks out there!

For £13.99 you can’t go wrong with some personalised socks, have your own vinyl printed message printed on the souls.

I mean, have you ever heard anyone say “I’ve got too many socks”? Nope, me neither, and it is a well known scientific fact that socks do vanish into thin air, the greatest minds on the planet are still yet to solve this mystery, so until they get to the bottom of this, some new socks really can’t hurt!

Experience Days (prices vary)

Experience days are getting increasing popular, and there are literally thousands to choose from, from driving a Ferrari around Silverstone, to a dinner for two at the top of the Shard, London, or perhaps your dad fancies himself as the next Jason Statham, then you could always send him on a secret agent training day, or perhaps a survival course because you never know when the next zombie apocalypse is coming… I say ‘next’, but was there a first zombie apocalypse, or was that just One Direction’s world tour?

Lewis Hamilton eat your heart out!

Well, anyway, you probably know your dad better than I do, so you will know what kind of experiences he will appreciate.

There are a bunch of online sites that specialise in ‘experience days’, personally I like ‘Red Letter Days’, they seem to offer the best value plus they have a price promise guarantee. If you see one of their packages cheaper at a rival site they will refund you the difference and give you 15% off your next purchase.

Tablet & Phone Holder £45

This 'wood' make a perfect gift! Personalise with any message.

Does what it says on the tin, plus you can personalise with any message you like, room at the front for him to hold his watches, coins, all that kinda stuff, plus it is made from solid oak so this will most probably last a lifetime.

If yours is the dad that is constantly looking for his phone or tablet or other little bits, or just needs a stylish place to keep them, then this is a great solution.

Quadcopter Drones £49+

Many dads still have that inner child in them somewhere. If that sounds like your dad then he might love a drone for when he is out walking the dog or taking a leisurely stroll. There are plenty out there on the market.

Does he like to drone on... and on... and on?

If you are on a tight budget you can get this for £49. The good thing about this is it has about 10 minutes flight time and only takes about an hour to recharge (that’s good for a battery powered drone!).

Or for £89 how about the Quadcopter with 720p camera. You can control it with your smart phone, comes with its own controls as well, and link it with your VR glasses for a stunning sensory experience!

VR Glasses £19.99

Send him to outer space!

These are all the rage at the moment, dad’s need an escape too from the daily grind that is life (from time to time), and this is a pretty good way of doing just that!

Just plug his smartphone inside this bad boy, and transport your father into another dimension!

Pub Trivia Quiz £9.99

Does your dad think of himself as a bit of a quizzer? Is he always saying how he could easily beat ‘The Man Mountain’ Mark Labbett on ‘The Chase’, but ITV wont let him on because he’ll make them look stupid? Well now is the chance to put him to the test, for £9.99 this is excellent value when you consider you get 1,200 questions and a music round CD. I’ve looked around, and other quiz games of similar price have a minuscule amount of questions in comparison, so this should last a few holidays!

We'll have you on mastermind yet!

Beer Garden Trug £29.99

Easy Life

Another classy gift that you can personalise with any message. Great for BBQs or the dads who just like to lounge out in the sun with a brew in their hand.

These well made beer trugs are perfect for waiting on him hand and foot… well it is father’s day!

Personalised Cufflinks Around £19.99

If your father is the kinda dad that likes to look a bit dapper, then he’ll probably appreciate some new cufflinks.  Many to choose from out there, and I like the personalised touch on this range.

Not sure about the cufflinks pictured?  No problem, plenty more styles to choose from in the link!

And many more styles to make you look dapper!

Solar panel charger £34.99

No excuse now for your battery going flat!

Now he need never run out of batteries again! If he likes hiking, camping or the great outdoors then this is a great idea. I’ve owned a few different solar chargers (although I’ve never been camping in my life). It can be a lottery finding a decent solar charger, the prices range massively, so you don’t want to cheap out too much nor do you probably want to spend the earth, this is easily the best one I’ve owned for the money and will fit your normal android or apple device.

Or for £9.99 you can get a mini emergency charger (not solar), that neatly fits directly onto your phone which is another good solution but you’ll need to remember to charge it up after use.

Just plug and charge!

Sport’s History Books £14.99+

Personalise with your own name on the cover.

These personalised books are another great idea for the dad who is glued to the sport’s channels all weekend, now he can glance at a beautifully presented history book of his favourite team during the breaks. Well it beats being inundated with gambling adverts or listening to Gary Neville drone on about how ‘so and so’ weren’t defensively “set up right”!

Mr Beaumont Engraved Watch £59.99

But aren’t watches a little bit .. how can I put it… one functional?” and “aren’t they becoming a little bit… erm… obsolete?”. Not a bit of it! Not everyone wants to pull their phone out whenever they want to tell the time, sometimes it just isn’t convenient when you are in a meeting or such like, and sometimes, like me, you forget to charge your phone. And until someone invents some kind of device that will fit over your retina and tell you the time (I think google might have already tried and failed at that actually), then a quick glance at your wrist is still the most convenient way of telling the time for my money.

Time for a new watch?
Engrave on the back with any message!

Well I’m not going to say old technology is the best technology, because that clearly isn’t true, but as far as watches go, there is still plenty of life yet in the old dog.

These stylish watches can be engraved on the rear with any message at no extra cost, making it a practical, stylish and sentimental gift this father’s day!

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